Package 1 | 4 Private Sessions (90 Minutes Each)

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Price $1,500.00

There are many symptoms of addictive behavior, but all have one root reason that leads to addictions.  Dr. Randy Sugawara will reveal this common cause, regardless of the addiction you may be suffering from. All sessions include counseling to address potential underlying relapse issues and to develop a structured behavioral coherence for a solid recovery foundation.

Client 30 Day Goals
1)  Complete Abstinence
2)  Creating a Savred Space
3)  Practice Inner Peace
4)  Practice One of the Five Virtues Every Week
5)  Begin the 100 Day Standing Meditation a Minimum of 8 Minutes a Day

4 Sessions
1) Learn how to tell the difference between urges and cravings and why you need to know the difference

2) Introduction to alternative health care and what Qigong can do for you

3) Learn how practicing Qigong may help you overcome chemical dependency

4) Learn how to change old bad behavior to new healthier ways by practicing the Five Virtues

5) Learn the 100 Day Standing Meditation called I-Chuan and begin changing yourself from an addict to a healthier more vibrant human being