Package 3 | 12 Multi-Session Package (90 Minutes Each)

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Price $3,500.00

As the recovery path begins to feel more like how you want to live, new challenges and obstacles reveal themselves in the forms of resistance to change. Learn how the Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan forms can actually test your inner strength to ward off these challenges. Your inner strength is at once a combination of your Spiritual, Psychological, Biological, and Sociological core commitments to continuity sobriety and self-healing. All sessions include counseling to address potential underlying relapse issues and to develop a structured behavioral coherence for a solid recovery foundation.

Client 90 Day Goals
1)  Continued Abstinence
2)  Continue to Show Up and Be Accountable
3)  Continuous goal to reach a 100 Day Qigong Standing Meditation 45 Minutes
4)  Continue integrating the Five Virtues
5)  Continue refining the Chen Tai Chi 2nd Set

12 Sessions
1) Continued Abstinence

2) Reinforce your practice by showing up and being accountable

3) Continue 100 Day Qigong Standing Meditation 45 Minutes

4) Practice integrating the Five Virtues

5) Continue learning the Chen Tai Chi 2nd Set

6) Family education to develop support for the recovering addict

7) Learn Silk Reeling

8) Learn new somatic meditation techniques to manage old negative thoughts