About Us

The Recovery & Qigong Program, aka QiRecovery, focuses on developing qi, recognized as life force energy to help addicts recover from chemical addictions. 

QiRecovery is an alternative program developed for individuals in all stages of recovery who seek to regain control of their personal destiny, to reduce stress, to find renewed hope of change for a happier, healthier, sober and more creative life.

Integrating a range of approaches to wellness, the Qigong Recovery Program is for those who want to attain more vitality, more dynamic energy, and healthier lifestyles. The program is based on the ancient health concept that with consistent practice individuals can develop their own vital force, accruing greater life energy and transforming both body and mind.

The Qigong Recovery Program offers a thorough chemical dependency relapse prevention model originally developed for some of the nation’s top residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs. For this purpose, based on his years of training in both qigong and psychology, Randy Sugawara, Ph.D. has produced an innovative set of qigong and tai chi chuan exercises designed to help deepen the recovery process and alleviate the emotional and physical suffering with which substance abusers struggle.

The Qigong Recovery Program is tailored to each person; depending on an individual’s needs, the program may include:

• A physical evaluation • Psycho-emotional assessment

• Individualized Qigong program • Relapse prevention exercises

• Bilateral brain exercises • Breathing and mindfulness training

• Reducing cravings for alcohol and other substances • Grounding and rooting exercises


Qigong Recovery teaches distinct core techniques that focus on personal training and three

integrated principles - Calm Body- Quiet Mind - Peaceful Spirit:

1.  Relaxation and confidence produce a  - Calm Body

2.  Enrichment of vitality and life energy develop a - Quiet Mind

3.  A Calm body and Quiet mind make room for a - Peaceful Spirit